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Dear Trader, 

    A few years back my proprietary trading system told me to buy a small tech stock called Silicon Image (SIMG) at $4.63 a share.

    Just 20 days later my system told me to sell it when it hit $6.95. We made a quick +50% gain.
23 Trades. 20 Winners.
Stock Trading Days Held Return
MATK 50 +13.6%
NI 190 +12.8%
AVCT 76 +23.6%
AVCI 15 +34.1%
ATW 20 +15.0%
FARO 72 +18.5%
AG 67 +13.8%
ID 16 +15.7%
MYGN 82 +23.6%
ADI 47 +13.1%
PDLI 145 +26.8%
WAB 28 +13.8%
MIVA 5 +23.7%
MGAM 85 +22.1%
APSG 22 -15.6%
DRS 48 -6.6%
TASR 11 +20.6%
FLS 45 +19.9%
ZOLT 9 +17.2%
BWA 15 +11.6%
TOL 168 +21.6%
BTU 56 -14.7%
QLGC 108 +19.1%
 Average per Trade 60 +19.0%

   A couple weeks after that, my system triggered another alert: After breaking through what's called the upper Bollinger Band, Silicon abruptly broke below an important trend line -- a signal of a sharp reversal.

   We shorted the stock and profited on its way down to $2.

    Then the stock formed a long-legged Doji candle -- a sign of yet another reversal. We cashed in AGAIN as it went back up to $8 a share.

    In just eight months we made FIVE times our money with Silicon -- turning every $10,000 into $50,000. 

   What's funny is that the stock practically went nowhere in that time. And that's the beauty of swing trading: We can profit hand over fist no matter which way a stock heads. And we can make money in ANY kind of market -- bear, bull or sideways

Get up to +10% a Month or more,
No Matter Where The Market Heads

    While millions of decent investors and traders lost their shirts in the 2008 and 2009 crashes, my proprietary trading system -- which incorporates 43 technical and fundamental factors -- not only helped me avoid losing money, but it helped me post overall gains of about +65% in those two years.

    With the S&P 500 down by about -20% over that same period, my system helped me cream the market by 85 percentage points. Would you like to do that? You can. Over and over again.

    My goal is to deliver a double-digit gain every 30 days. As a swing trader, I'll hold my average position for a month or two at most. If I hold for a month, I'm targeting a +10% gain. If I hold for a couple months, I'm targeting +20%. Sometimes I'll make a "big swing" and go for +30% or more in three months.

    Other times I'll hit the double-digit target much faster -- like when I made +23.7% on MIVA in 5 trading days... +17.2% on ZOLT in 9 trading days... and +34.1% on AVCI in just 15 trading days.

    At the end of the day, though, the goal remains the same: I'm looking for at least +10% a month the quickest way I can get it and no matter where the market heads -- even if it moves sideways.

Your Short Cut to
Quick Profits

When I see weakness in a stock, I sell short for profits like these. A downside dollar spends as good as an upside one.

Stock Trade Return
ISRG Short +17.0%
LEA Short +26.0%
ROIA Short +23.0%
TER Short +12.7%
FLML Short +16.3%

   I wouldn't shoot for these kinds of gains if I didn't think my system could deliver. But time and time again my system has proven that it can. Even when the market goes nowhere.

    For example, the table above shows the results of the last 23 publicized trades I made in 2007 -- a year the S&P 500 went nowhere really, gaining just under +4%.  If you invested in the market you wouldn't even keep up with the 5% inflation that year. But had you traded alongside me you would have seen a string of 20 out of 23 winners that lined your pockets with gobs of cash.

   On average, we held each of those 23 trades for 60 days... netting +19% a piece.  Just one +19% gain alone would have pounded the market by a factor of 5-to-1 that year. But our 23 trades averaged +19% gains EACH in just 60 days. Imagine how quickly the profits can pile up when you pull in these kinds of winners over and over again.

    Of course, my system won't hit the nail on the head every time. I'd be a fool to promise you that. But if history is any guide, and if you're looking for a proven way to tilt the odds in your favor, then my system is one of the surest ways out there to bag double-digits every 30 days.

    So what do you say? Are you ready to start making money alongside me? There's never been a better time... and it's never been this easy to get started.

I Want To Share My Trades With YOU

    What's important isn't what I've done for myself or for other people in the past. It's what I can do for YOU today. So if you can't make it to my trading seminars, or if you haven't read my latest book, 21 Candlesticks Every Trader Should Know, I have some good news for you: I'm going public with my single best trading idea each week in a new e-letter I call Trade of the Week.

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    Every week I'll email my single best stock trade -- which is based on a proprietary technical and fundamental trading system I've developed over the past 30 years -- to a handful of investors just like you.

If You Have Just 5 Minutes to Spare Each Week,
Then You Can Profit Alongside Me

    Last week's trade -- like all of my trades -- was simple and easy to follow.  I told my readers exactly which stock to buy, when to get in, and when to get out.  Anyone could have done it.

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Best Regards,

Melvin Pasternak

Chief Trading Analyst

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